Coin Mate 2015 ver. 2.5

What can you do with Coin Mate?

Coin Mate is an advanced coin collecting software for managing your coin collection, wish lists, selling lists etc.

Coin Mate is using automatic import of information from Colnect’s free online database, which saves you a lot of time you would normally spend for manually entering information.

Coin Mate has a user friendly interface that allows you to manage large amounts of coins with ease.


Adding coins automatically – Search by country, keywords or issued year and get a list of properties for each coin (image, name, country, series, year of issue, etc.).

Import from Colnect Account – If you already have account on Colnect you can simply import all the information.

Add coins manually - If you have coins that autosearch cannot find, you can scan them and add them manually.

Add personal coin information - Store a lot of »personal« information, such as Album, Location, Quantity, Price, Est. Values, etc.

Add status to a coin - Tag your coins with Have, Wish, Trade and Sell status by simple click on status button or customize your own status list.

Managing Quantities – Simply manage your coin inventory. You can store multiple quantities and values by condition.

Purchases and Sales / Swapping – Store all your purchases and sales for each coin. You can also store your swapping information.

Clone existing coins - If you want to duplicate coin entries, you can simply clone them.

Multi edit coins - Coin Mate has two powerful tools for multi edit. If you have a large collection you are going to love them.

Online search – Search online auctions (eBay, Delcampe and BidStart).

Linked series – Quick overview of coins which are in the same Series.

Advanced Sort - Sort your lists any way you want.

Filtering – Simply filter data by Status, Country, Series, Issued Year, Keywords, Group, etc.

Printing – Choose among over 50 different reports. Reports for insurance are also included.

Importing data – Import your existing collection list to Coin Mate.

Exporting data - Export to various formats (TXT, HTML, Excel, XML, etc.).

Multiple Views – Choose among four different collection views and customize your collection list.

Statistics - View collection statistics in the form of bars, columns, lines or pie charts.


The Windows edition runs on Windows 10,Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

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All Catamates products are available for a free 30-day trial. Trial products are limited to 1000 input records.


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